Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scrapbook double trouble

Here I am! It's 8 am and I am up and running. The scrapbook goes VERY SLOWLY! I can't believe that I managed only 3 pages yesterday! How am I ever going to finish it by the end of the week?! least it is one page more than the day before.
Here are the pages I made last night:

- This is a little story what he did as a baby

-This one is about the time he waited his daddy to be back from USA.

-This is the 1st Birthday story

And I have 5 times more to finish... Unbelievable!

Oh, and here are the invitations I made for all the kids from his class:

They came out really nice, you can't actually see it on the picture, but the card paper ( white) is little glossy, and the blue one is mate and with like a line pattern. The contrast is really nice.
I couldn't find a card suitable for our occasion ( party in the Planetarium) so I decided to make one.
My thumb still hurts from cutting the edges of the cards, call me crazy!
See you tomorrow, when I'll post more pages of the scrapbook album!
You can see the first part here

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scrapbook trouble

Hi all,
I am so tired I can't even begin to describe...
The last couple of days I had so much to do, that I couldn't go to bed earlier than 2 am. My latest "thing" is my son's biography that I had to make for his birthday at school. The teacher is going to show it in class and read it while they are celebrating.
For me the idea came spontaneously= pictures + biography=scrapbook. Yeah, awesome idea you'll say, but who the hell made me start it!!! I ordered the pictures, I have some materials and album, I have the idea, but it is SO TIME CONSUMING! I have 24 pages to make until the end of the week and so far, I have only 2 ready, and they are not even as ready as I wish! I can't work while the little ones are awake, because scrapbooking if you don't know is all about SCRAP! And scrap usually have the tendency to "explode" when given a chance and when you combine this with newer versions of Dennis the Menace multiplied by 2, it equals non the less an avalanche of work for Mommy, a lot of " no-no's" and " don't do this", followed by the least appropriate words for children's ears. And a lot of them! :-)
Nooooo, THANK YOU!
Well, I am so discouraged I am not going to be able to finish it on time, but I still have to try. Here is the first "unfortunate" pages of the scrapbook.

To be honest, I don't like them :-( I was so sleepy and tired, that now I see couple of the things are not leveled, the whole idea is not like I wanted it to be, but it is late now. Hopefully I will be less tired for the next ones :-(
I have 6 more be able to make almost 4 pages per day, and I really can't see this happening, but wish me luck! I always had the ability to try to dealwith more than I can handle at the moment, but this time....this time guys I am in quite a pickle!

Oh, and have in mind that the red, white and black thing around the edge is the cover of the album, it is not a part of the page.
This is the " get to know me" part:

And one last little thing, did I mention I've never done scrapbooking before?
This part is about birth and the first month, I don't have too much pictures available from then, so I had to improvise.

You can see the second part of pages here

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The new home office

It was about time to write again!
So much work, so little time to finish it.
The office took us almost 2 weeks, because all the paperwork needed sorting and this means long, loooong hours of taking out and putting back pieces of paper of all sizes and variety.
As every time we paint, I didn't calculate the paint quantity correctly, so I was "blessed" with a quick trip to Lowes and back :-), but no harm done.
Here is how the home office looked BEFORE:
The old setting was more of a guest room and home office with this inflatable bed you see. The walls were white, the carpet- purple.
And here are the pictures AFTER:

We painted with 3 colors gray (Olympic paint) - Winter Heaven, Mountaintop and Silver Charm.
The new things we bought are the shelves with the document boxes and magazine holders, the futon ( it is actually from Craig's list), and the dry-erase magnetic board.

The setting is done by Feng Shui, thanks to my mom, the artwork on the wall is my doing. It is consisted of 9 Chinese auspicious words to bring in positive energy. The words are painted in aquarell colors( water colors )on a white watercolor paper, then glued to a regular black construction paper, and afterwards glued cork squares.

Initially I would have done it in different color scheme, but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Hopefully I will have the time to cook and post some new recipes( I have tons in mind, just need the time to actually cook them and new camera to take pictures of them). The orthodox Easter is next week, so I will definitely have some sweet Easter breads recipes for you guys :-)!
In the meantime, enjoy your Spring!

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