Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scrapbooking Epiphany- Part VII

I cannot believe it! I have finished it!!! Finally!!!Twenty five pages biography in 8 days precisely!!! It's a miracle people, a miracle!
Somebody would think that a small person like this didn't live enough to fill 25 pages of scrapbook biography, but this is not true! There were so many interesting things I wanted to include, that I had hard time cutting the total number of pages down to 25 :-)
But it is official- my very first scrapbook is ready!
I really hope they like it at the school , but I hope even more that my grandchildren appreciate it one day as well :-)

- Halloween 2007:

- Winter fun

- The "finishing touch"

Now that I am finished with this, I can breath a little more easily. I have only to figure out what kind of cake I will make him and we are all set :-)
I'll keep you posted! :-)
You can check the previous scrapbook pages here.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Scrapbook - Almost there! VI part

Since today we were invited on a BBQ, I wasn't sure I would have time to do any pages for the scrapbook. But, luckily ( and thanks to my husband) I've set aside couple of hours and the result is 4 pages down!!! Can you believe, I have only 3 pages to go! This seems so unreal, considering how desperate I was when I first started!
I am actually quite happy how the pages turned out! One of the first ones that I can say I like!
Perhaps I would do better for my daughter's album, but for now it will do.

Here are the new pages:
- The 4th Birthday

- pets and events 2007 ( the spirals are made from wool thread, but it is not recognizable on the pictures. Sorry, I still haven't bought the new camera I wanted :-(

- Travel 2007

- sister's Birthday ( I made the page design the same design I made the actual cake)

Here is the previous post.

Scrapbooking progress part V

Here I am again! I can almost see the finish line! 17 pages down, 8 to go! Not bad for a week of work.
Here are the new pages that I made yesterday:

-Getting the news that we are pregnant

- the 3rd Birthday celebration

-Little sister is born

- Our home

- Friends

Here is the link to the previous part.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

NASA Birthday Invitations

Remember the Birthday invitations I published couple of days ago?
I am talking about these:

Well, I had trouble finding the right envelope for them, since the size wasn't standard and I wanted it to be somehow connected to the whole " space Birthday" idea.
So...while browsing in the store today it suddenly hit me! I can make them look like NASA letters ( not that I've ever actually seen one, but a party equivalent of them)!!!
And that is what I came up with, whit a 6/9 business envelopes, a red marker, Open Office Draw and a monochromatic printer.

If I just had color printer I would have saved so much more time! But unfortunately when we bought ours ( not that is bad, it's working great actually) we thought that we would never need to print anything in color.
Here is one of the "stamps" up close":

Now I have to think of a cake to go with these and I would be fine for the Birthday :-).
That's all for today, folks!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Scrapbook- I see the light!!! ( part IV)

Thanks to a lovely lady from a Bulgarian forum with the beautiful nickname Despina, I have many ideas how to make the pages that I have left easier, faster and better!
Well, sleeping would definitely help, but if not else, I feel a little bit more confident now that I can finish them on time.
Here is what I made tonight, FORTUNATELY before 10 pm, and I think it shows:
- the 2nd Birthday

- "Daddy and I together again"

- First Halloween in the US

Tomorrow hopefully I will have a lot more to show, since I have to finish at least 6 pages to be on track.
12 down, 13 to go! Here is the previous part (III).

Scrapbook dissapoinment- III

I am so disappointed in the way the last pages turn out :-( Working after the kids fall asleep just doesn't work for me. I am so tired by that time, that I can barely keep my eyes open and it definitely shows in the result. I made 9 pages so far, 16 left.
When I finish it I would probably redo it later, because I don't like the state of it now :-(.
The Baptism page:

I made a pattern with a pencil on the black cross and it looked like engraved, but I only shows on this picture.

The " mommy and daddy's little helper" page.

The "Travel before the age of 2 " page:

The 2004 Christmas page:

Well, that's it :-(
Here are the first and second part.

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