Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scrapbooking Epiphany- Part VII

I cannot believe it! I have finished it!!! Finally!!!Twenty five pages biography in 8 days precisely!!! It's a miracle people, a miracle!
Somebody would think that a small person like this didn't live enough to fill 25 pages of scrapbook biography, but this is not true! There were so many interesting things I wanted to include, that I had hard time cutting the total number of pages down to 25 :-)
But it is official- my very first scrapbook is ready!
I really hope they like it at the school , but I hope even more that my grandchildren appreciate it one day as well :-)

- Halloween 2007:

- Winter fun

- The "finishing touch"

Now that I am finished with this, I can breath a little more easily. I have only to figure out what kind of cake I will make him and we are all set :-)
I'll keep you posted! :-)
You can check the previous scrapbook pages here.

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