Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cards, cards, cards....

Recently I have been enjoying card making so much, that I bought a couple of more tools and different kinds of paper to experiment with. I even found a place to store the ones I've made, since I've been keeping them all around the house and the dog ate one at one point. So, my cards have a new home, a big shiny box :-)
Gosh, I have so many pictures and stuff to post, but I am so behind on everything that I really have no idea when am I going to do that, but here are the cards I've made a couple of weeks ago:

This is foldable one,it came out interesting

Jan 2009- Front

This is the back when it's open


This is the front and back
Jan 2009- Side

And this is the front and back on the other side

Jan 2009- Back
Jan 2009- Front

I love this one, it's very unortodox, but it reminds me of something else I love :-).

Jan 2009 Front

And this one was for a scrapbook challenge, unfortunately it didn't come out the way I want it. I just didn't have the same colors as the ones in the challenge sheet.

Jan 2009- Front

My son ( with just a little help from me) has made 20 Valentine's day card, I'll probably post them in the next couple of days :-)

So, to be continued with a sushi recipe+ pictures and more valentines day stuff :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The panda project update

I was not very much in a mood to continue the panda project, considering my mind is elsewhere at the moment, but I wanted to grant my kids wish and make at least couple of pandas with them.
Two of the paintings were made with the help of my son. This one:
The panda project- me and my son
And this one:
The panda project - by my son and me
My son ( 5) wanted to make one by himself, an airplane:
An airplane ( my son)
And my daughter made the background to this one:
Painting - my daugther and me
The whole collection:

And here are the ones mommy made for herself :-)
One of my paintings2
I have a pencil version of this one( or at least similar):
One of my paintings

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