Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A dream come true

Koi Fish 48 36"/48"

Since I was very little I had a dream of painting with oil paint. My parents didn't allow me because we lived in a very small apartment and there wasn't enough space even for an easel and my mom was terrified of the smell. When I was applying for the art high school back in Bulgaria, you had to have a health clearance from a health practitioner that you don't have any allergies, otherwise you just can't get in. There was no way I could go around that but we tried and the principle agreed that, they would accept my application but on one condition - I am not doing any oil paint. It was devastating. That's all I wanted to do! I couldn't find a place to do it- not at home, not at school... Well it so turned out that they've moved the art high school and I couldn't travel, so I finished my first year there and I had to move in another school. It was unbelievable experience and I was really sad when I had to leave. But why am I telling you this? Remember the " 30 things to do before going 30" that I told you about around my last birthday? Well,I made my list and painting an oil painting almost as high as me ( 5'2") is one of my 30 things. My husband gave me the surprise of a lifetime, when he bought me a beautiful, gorgeous easel for Mother's day as well as a 36"/48" canvas piece. I just love Koi fish and I've been meaning to paint some for quite a while. You know, my mom and her Feng shui has definitely rubbed on me :-)

My first oil painting 36"/48"

I am officially addicted! I couldn't stop! Literally! The same day (did I mention I was sick at the time) I started a second painting- beautiful lilacs that I am going to show you later. I so much appreciate what my husband did! This is a real dream come true!!! Thank you so much, honey!!! I love you!!!

Carina's Birthday

A quick green card for Carina. I just love the combination of green and pink.

Carina's B'day card

Since I made a woodburned box for Carina's sister- Julia( for her 1st Communion) , I thought that it would be great if I make one for Carina as well

Carina's box

Carina's pendant was a glass swirl that we all liked.
Carina's box&present

She really liked it and I was so glad I had the time to make her one. Here is the present for Julia, a Jonas Brothers poster ;-)
Julia's poster

And little Briannah's present with a cute little card :-)
Briannah's present

Julia's 1st Communion gifts

You probably saw my 1st communion cake by now, so here is the addition- the gifts for the girls. This was a personal gift from Kalin, who really likes Julia :-)


Julia's 1st communion present from Kalin

He chose the heart pendant that is in the box. Julia's favorite color is purple. Julia's 1st communion present from Kalin

This is the bouquet for Julia's mom


I wasn't sure I want to use this kind of paper for the flowers, the white one I mean, but it turned out I couldn't find any other kind in the store at that time.

My pictures are a little dark, but this is only because it was 2 am :-)

Julia's 1st communion present from Kalin

This is Julia's card for the present we gave her:


Carina's card


And finally you can see how I wrapped the presents for both girls:

I hope I've helped you with some ideas :-)

Twins birthday gifts

More woodburning for you guys! It turned out these little boxes are quite popular! :-) So I decided to make 2 more for 2 of Kalin's classmates.

Grace's box

And the second one:

Kate's Box

Top view

Kate's Box

The presents were escorted by 2 birthday cards made by me :-)

Kate &Grace's cards

I hope the girls liked them! :-)

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