Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Julia's 1st Communion gifts

You probably saw my 1st communion cake by now, so here is the addition- the gifts for the girls. This was a personal gift from Kalin, who really likes Julia :-)


Julia's 1st communion present from Kalin

He chose the heart pendant that is in the box. Julia's favorite color is purple. Julia's 1st communion present from Kalin

This is the bouquet for Julia's mom


I wasn't sure I want to use this kind of paper for the flowers, the white one I mean, but it turned out I couldn't find any other kind in the store at that time.

My pictures are a little dark, but this is only because it was 2 am :-)

Julia's 1st communion present from Kalin

This is Julia's card for the present we gave her:


Carina's card


And finally you can see how I wrapped the presents for both girls:

I hope I've helped you with some ideas :-)

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