Thursday, August 27, 2009

2nd batch ot cards for the festival

Here I am, busy, busy , busy :-)) If you've missed the other card batches, here are 1st , 3rd batch and 4th batch, 5th batch, 6th part, 7th part and the last 8th part. 1. This card was very interesting to make. I've used a regular magenta cardstock fo the base. I stamped with gold and black the the left folding side of the card and scored the whole right folding side. I've used a butterfly puncher and then drew with black pencil on top of the cardstock. Aug20091043 Aug20091046 2. This card was made with handmade paper and fabric flowers, some buttons and a lot of love :-) Aug20091047 For this part I used a silicon stamp of 2 leaves. Aug20091048 This is how it unfolds Aug20091049 3. I love this one! One of my favorite! I've made the butterfly with such care! And the leaves too! cards2ndbatch003 cards2ndbatch005 4. This is a special one! It might not look like that to anybody else, but a special thought was put in it while I was making it. "Hold on to your dreams..." indeed! cards2ndbatch010 The edges are "burned" with brown ink, I used paper and fabric flowers. cards2ndbatch009 5. Paper flowers, cut by hand with added sticky gems. Very bright and cheerful this one :-) cards2ndbatch011


  1. Ани, прекрасни картички отново. Този път фаворит ми е втората картичка. Аз обичам такива нагънати,само дето отново не разбрах твоята как точно се сгъва.

  2. Иволина, приемам забележката! :-) Явно трябва да ги снимам отгоре, за да се вижда по-добре :-) Благодаря ти за мнението! Аз чакам и препоръки ;-)

  3. Последната картичка е просто невероятна!!!


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