Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The boy who has my heart has a birtday today!

PaperCakeReady2 (2) 
Today is the day! My better half is 33 years old! I can't believe how fast time flies! 
Since he is on a special diet ( I am going to write about that in the food section and how we decided to change our way of eating, if you are interested in that, keep an eye for the posts)he couldn't eat cake and I couldn't make him one. :-( PaperCake (6) 
I was very sad...and was brainstorming what else I can make for him. So, I stumbled upon the idea of a cake made out of paper in the blog of a friend of mine( Racheto!). The idea is that each piece is a small box that you can put stuff in and you arrange them in a circular shape, as a real cake. PaperCake (10) 
It is a great idea for a kids birthdays as well, as you can use the small boxes for party favors etc, or for a babyshower, or even bridal shower or a wedding. Here is the shape I used, there are others out there but I liked this one the best.
PaperCake (11)
This is how I made each piece: 
1. First I traced and cut the piece with my light box ( I recently got that and it's just amazing!)
PaperCake1 (2) PaperCake1 
* Note, that if you have a printer that can handle cardboard, you don't need to trace and cut, you can just print out the pieces and score and fold them. Unfortunately, my printer can't print on a cardboard, that's why I had to do it by hand. 
2. Then I folded it on the score table( which is absolutely unbelievably time saving) and put it together. PaperCake1 (5) PaperCake1 (8) 
And then I decorated each piece with different paper, paper flowers, ribbons.
PaperCake (1) PaperCake (4) 
Then I put a piece of paper ( decorated) in each box, saying why the kids love him so much ( I asked them and wrote it down).
He was very happy when I gave it to him( as you can see), I even made a candle ( out of paper) and he pretended to blow the candle and made a wish :-) All I want to say is that it is the perfect gift for somebody on a diet! :-))))
Happy Birthday, honey!!! We love you!!! Here is the ScorePal I used ( Sorry,I couldn't find a link to the light box):


  1. Тортата е станала много стилна, поздравления! Виждам и че е била приета много добре :-). Да ти е жив и здрав рожденика.

  2. Благодаря ти много! Беше истинска радост, при положение, че мъжът ми не очакваше торта изобщо, защото не яде в момента :-)))
    Горещо препоръчвам!

  3. Ани,
    Пожелавам ти всеки ден да я имаш тази благословена усмивка_ и да отвръщаш по същия начин и в делници, и в празници.
    Много красота в живота ви.
    Поздрав. :) Nelka

  4. Благодаря ти, Нелка! Много прегръдки от мен!

  5. Тортата е разкошна!Честит рожден ден на сьпругьт ти.Пожелавам му само хубави неща!

  6. Честито на рожденика,Ани!И на цялото ви семейство!
    Много,много усмивки и любов!

  7. Ани, прекрасна торта за толкова прекрасен повод! Желая много любов и усмивки в семейството!
    В моя блог има изненада за теб!!!

  8. Благодаря ви много момичета, наистина съм трогната! :-)

  9. Ани, честито на твоята половинка. Да е жив и здрав и все така лъчезарен и усмихнат!
    Виждам, че умеш да направиш невероятна торта дори от картон, панделки и цветни хартии. Всичко до което се докоснеш е нежно и красиво.


  10. Arabela, благодаря ти много!!! :-)

    Стоянка, ти си ми супер вдъхновение, с прекрасното си писане! Благодаря ти!

  11. Само пускам коментар, ако Нора( коментар #11) не е видяла, че тя спечели наградата!
    Нора, моля те свържи се с мен с пълното си име и адрес, за да ти изпратя наградата!


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