Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Festival Surprise- part 2

As I mentioned yesterday in the previous post, I have been making pyrographed boxes for a craft festival and I am going berserk since there is almost no time left and I haven't finished half of the things I want to make for the festival. Here are the next 7 boxes: 1. This is a small hearth shaped box that you can fit a piece of jewelry in. Boxes23 Boxes22 2. This box is a little bigger than the heart box, it can be used as a small keepsake or jewelry box. Boxes25 Boxes26 3. This box is small, it can be used for keepsake or as a small jewelry box. Boxes28 Boxes29 4. This box is bigger than the previous ones, it can be used to store jewelry. It's not a regular size jewlery box, but still big enough. Boxes31 Boxes30 5. This is a regular size jewelry box( much larger than the previous ones) but can be used for storing other things as well. Boxes36 Boxes33 6. A small snail treasure box for kids. IMG_7092 IMG_7093 7. Cute fairy treasure box for a little fairy :-) IMG_7095 IMG_7096 You might also like part 1, part 3., part 4, part 5 and part 6.


  1. Ани вече си станала про! Прелестни са!!! Кутийката с форма на цвете и тази с охлюва са ми фаворити :) Ще има ли още? :)))

  2. Много си си играла с тях и са хубави!
    Да ги подаряваш или продаваш смяташ?
    Аз бих оцветила някои.

  3. Мързеланче, ще има още ;-) Имам 40 бройки :-))))

    Домошар, още не съм решила да ти кажа, засега само идеята е да ги покажа, а пък ако някой иска да си купи, сигурно няма да откажа, само дето не знам на каква цена.
    За оцветяването, тука има много дървени, които са оцветени и така се продават, но такива само горени няма, затова на такива се реших. Мисля да направя оцветени рамки обаче :-)


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