Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cards with inspiration

I have no idea what is with the number 13 but it seams that I have inspiration for only 13 cards a day. If I make more than that...I'm pushing it, if I make less...well, it's not enough. :-) So, here are the 13 cards I made this Sunday. :-)

1. I enjoyed making these cards so much! It's not like I had to rush as ever or making them, so I really, really love the results.

2. Very nice color this one, I love the orange and bluish-green combination.

3. Orange and white! Remember my cake with these colors? :-)

4. Fall leaves

5. Flowers and birds

6. A pink and green card with vellum pocket full of miniature flowers.

7. Fall leaves again, different version. :-)

8. Some quilling work, butterflies and "Indian" blue. I have no idea why, but this kind of pattern reminds me of India.

9. Roses in green

10. I am paying more attention to the flowers recently. I have never been a "flower" person, but I seem to enjoy making them. :-)

11.One of my personal favorites, a true sense and sensibility card, don't you think?

12. I call this card" Carmen", very passionate, fiery one.

13. And the last one ( as a matter of fact that was the first one I made that day!) is this one, very sensual, serene...I love it!

I enjoy making this kind of cards...I love Christmas, but my Christmas cards were not "born" like these, they were "made", and you can probably see the difference. I just realized I didn't take pictures of the Christmas ornaments I woodburned last Saturday! OMG, I'll do that right away and try to post tomorrow!

Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Watercolor pieces

I recently discovered that I enjoy very much making watercolor paintings. I have always been intimidated( or even scared) of watercolor because I always thought that it is very difficult to handle and you can't allow yourself room to fix something if you make a mistake. Although I have worked with watercolor previously I never enjoyed it and that pretty much suffocated the creative side of me while handling the paint. All in all, it was experience that I meticulously tried to avoid whenever possible. I never took pleasure in it and there were 2 reasons for that- first, because I thought myself not gifted enough and second, because I lacked the knowledge and experience. Now, for the gifted side of the problem I couldn't do much, but I decided to work on the second part concerning knowledge and experience. I signed up for a simple watercolor class, where I would learn the basics of working with this media. I found it quite a pleasurable experience, our teacher was great and I think now that I have better understanding of the way you work with this kind of material, things come more naturally and I no longer feel the discomfort of working with it. As a matter of fact it produces quite the opposite feelings- I enjoy it very much indeed! So I wanted to share with you the 10 watercolor paintings I made recently and I would be very pleased if you share your opinion on the subject and let me know which ones you enjoy the most.

1. A simple Bird of Paradise flower arrangement- now is the time to mention that one of the things I disliked in painting with watercolor was painting flowers! I challenged myself in making couple of flower paintings and to be honest I exceeded my expectations.



3. One of the most difficult things I ever experiences was painting snow. Painting this winter forest was very tricky.


4. The second flower arrangement I made.

5. Fall landscape, one of my first watercolors.

6. This one I made while looking at a picture our teacher brought to class.

7. One of the landscapes I painted.

8. Second landscape.

9. Landscape with birds.

10. And last landscape.

Let me know what you think!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Festive packaging

I promised I'll post the paper boxes, that I decorated and here they are! I am sorry my recent posts have been so short, but I am in the middle of creating so many things, I can barely keep up posting everything! I think I need somebody to help me out with this, because too much stuff is waiting to be published and there is simply not enough time in the 24 hours I have to do everything I want. I am seriously thinking what can I do about it, I know that some bloggers hire other people to write instead of them, but unfortunately I don't earn any money from mine to be able to afford the extra help. I'll have to look into some options I think.

1. Papier mache large box with decoration that I used for the large candle holders
Christmas Cards3batch26

Christmas Cards3batch27

2. Medium size box for the smaller candle holders


3. Small size box with decoration Christmas2009Prep11

4. The smallest of the 4 boxes, with decoration.

5. Medium size box with Christmas decoration- ribbon and bells.


6. Gift card box with decoration in earth colors.

7. Gift card box with decoration in silver.

8. Gift card box with decoration in green and gold

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chtistmas cards ( to be continued...)

I was so busy the past week that I didn't manage to post the last batch of cards I made and the boxes I did for Christmas presents.
1. A gift tag

Christmas Cards3batch1

2. Black, red and white sparkling card

Christmas Cards3batch2

3. Green Christmas tree card
Christmas Cards3batch3

4. Another traditional colored Christmas card
Christmas Cards3batch4

5. Snowflake card
Christmas Cards3batch6

6. "The belt of Santa Claus"
Christmas Cards3batch11

7. Yellow stars for Christmas
Christmas Cards3batch12

8. A game of green Christmas ornaments

Christmas Cards3batch13

9. Blue and green snowflakes
Christmas Cards3batch14

10. I tried to do some quilling, unfortunately without the proper instruments it's very difficult to do it.

Christmas Cards3batch5

11. Another card with quilling elements

Christmas Cards3batch7

12. card with vellum and sparkling powder.

Christmas Cards3batch10

Christmas Cards3batch9

13. And here is another one with earthy design

Christmas Cards3batch8

I'll post some boxes tomorrow to show you what kind of gift packaging I made for Christmas! :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

13 more

A promise is a promise, so here are the rest of the 26 cards I made Sunday!
1. Christmas trees with a bear charm
Christmas Cards 200926

2. I had a slightly different idea for this one, but it turned out OK
Christmas Cards 200927

3. Green and blue, I guess most of my Christmas cards are going to be nontraditional colors. :-)

Christmas Cards 200929

Closer look at the details, click here.

4. Christmas bells in purple, green and brown.
Christmas Cards 200930

For closer look at the details, click here.

5. One of my favorites!
Christmas Cards 200932

6. Cutest little snowman :-)
Christmas Cards 200933

7. Three friends
Christmas Cards 200913
Closer look at the details, click here.

8. Happy snowman
Christmas Cards 20098
Closer look at the details, click here.

9. Poinsettia card
Christmas Cards 20095
Closer look at the details, click here.

10. This is one of my favorite cards!
Christmas Cards 20094
Click here for picture of the details.

11. Christmas bells in blue
Christmas Cards 20093
For a closer look at the details, click here.

12. One Christmas card with the traditional red and green.
Christmas Cards 20092
Click here for a closer look at the details.

13. Cute snowmen Mom and baby
Christmas Cards 20091
For a closer look at the details, click here.

That's all for today, let me know which ones you like the best!

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