Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas cards for the Spa center

Ok, I am totally going crazy here, so much work, so little time to finish everything, I even forgot it's Thanksgiving in 2 weeks! Well,'ll leave the poor turkeys alone for now and continue to make more cards, because I am really behind schedule! Here are some Christmas cards I made recently, I hope you like them! Some of the pictures are printed, some hand drawn, but ALL OF THEM are painted by hand with watercolor, gel glitter pens and ink. I have 26 cards so far and I'll post them in 2 postings ( 13 each).

1. Little Christmas elf
Christmas Cards 20096
A closer look, click here.

2. This is my first time using powdered glitter, it was easier to work with it than I though.
Christmas Cards 20099

3. Red Christmas
Christmas Cards 200910

4. As a huge purple fan I couldn't miss the opportunity to make a purple Christmas card.
Christmas Cards 200911

5. Little elf with snowflakes
Christmas Cards 200912

6. Mommy and me- snowmen hug
Christmas Cards 200914
A closer look, click here.

7. One of my favorites, I think I am getting into a "blue" period, so many of my favorite cards are in blue recently.
Christmas Cards 200916

8. Orange cheer
Christmas Cards 200918
A closer look, click here.

9. Christmas forest
Christmas Cards 200920

10. Poinsettia card
Christmas Cards 200921

11. And another poinsettia card
Christmas Cards 200922

12. Do you like to sing Christmas carols? This is the card for you!
Christmas Cards 200923
Closer look, click here.

13. Birds in the snow Christmas card
Christmas Cards 200925
That was the last one for today, 13 more cards tomorrow!
Ta-ta for now!


  1. Всички са разкошни! Как смогваш Ани?

  2. Раче, благодаря ти! Картинките ги направих предния ден, много време отне, щото първо ги оцветявах с водни бои, после отгоре с глитър химикал..изрязвах..ужас. Иначе самото сглобяване на картичките, на всичките 26 беше за един ден. Искаше ми се да мога да направя малко по-различни като вид, но исках да се успокоя първо, че имам достатъчно като количество, затова не правих много разнообразни дизайни. Сега като имам вече малко следващите мисля да ги направя малко по-разнообразни. "Бутиковите" като тези с пеперудите ме радват повече...


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