Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watercolors I

I have mentioned before that when I make cards I usually make 13. It seems rather odd and I am not sure why exactly that number. Well, recently I found out that I do the same with watercolors ( the small ones I mean).I can do up to 13, no more, no less in one sitting.
Peculiar thing, inspiration, it's here, then it's not...
Well, here are some of my latest watercolors. The size of all is 8/10 with the frame. The actual painting probably is 6/8 ( I haven't measured it). Please, have in mind that I've been painting with watercolor only 2 months and I have a lot to learn.
1. Watercolor " Window" in blue and gray with orange vase. I should probably mention that I don't draw sketches with pencil before I apply the watercolor. This is difficult for me to master yet, but I am trying. I try mostly because I don't like how the pencil shows under the watercolor, but also because I change ideas in the process of painting.
Paintings Dec20090007
2. Watercolor " Trees" my first attempt at painting water that is not blue.
Paintings Dec20090008
3. Watercolor "Warm" in orange and red.
Paintings Dec20090009
4. Watercolor " Briar in a vase"- this one has a smaller version that I couldn't fine a frame for, but maybe I'll take a picture only of the watercolor itself.
Paintings Dec20090010
I'll post 5 more tomorrow.
Let me know what you think, I am still in a process of learning and every opinion is very welcome. I can't decide if I should use any of these for the art show too.


  1. I would put them on the first (home page)!
    Why don't you show your paintings more? Or at least - put a link - I like your site, but it's a little bit fragmentated (if this word does exist in English :-)

  2. Rayna,тhe most recent posting in every category is posted twice on the home page- both as a link and as a Facebook status. I had a blog before that had everything mix up together, but it was impossible for people to keep track on things they were interested in or to find anything for that matter. That's the trouble when you have so many postings, you have to organize them in some way! :-) So to answer your question, I am showing my paintings, but in the section they belong to- Art&Craft. :-)
    It is good to hear others' opinions though! I am glad you share what you think and I appreciate your ideas even more! Thank you!

  3. Ани, чудесни картини. Особено третата. Точно топлина се излъчва от нея. Много приятно му става на човек като я погледне. Едно слънчево и топличко.


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