Friday, February 19, 2010

2 cards for 2 sisters

I am sorry I'll be very short today, but my dog is till not recovered from the surgery and all my time is devoted to him these couple of days. Thank you all for the good thoughts and support!
I hope he is going to be better tomorrow, so I can manage to post couple of things I've been planning on this weekend.

Here are 2 cards I did for 2 beautiful sisters that are my kids' friends.

Valentine's day cards0001

Valentine's day cards0002

Keep up the good thoughts for my puppy!


  1. First I want to say about the cards - they are lovely!
    And second I really hope your dog gets better. A few ears back my dog went through surgery ant it was horrible and very stressful for the whole family. But in the end she got better and now she is at the great age of 12 and playful as a puppy.

  2. Ох, Ани, спри се бе, жена! :) Много са нежни и красиви. Така ти се отдава тази комбинация червено, черно и бяло...приказни!

  3. Thanks Em, he is not doing well, I haven't slept in 4 nights...I hope he feels better soon!

    Нана, ако ти кажа, спретнати за 5 мин, че нямах повече време, а бързахме да носим подаръците. :-) Радвам се, че ти харесва!

  4. Ани,много са нежни!!!!!Чуднички.....

  5. Благодаря ти, Голди! Тези са от миналата година, но много си ги харесвам!


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