Friday, February 12, 2010

A black belt love-bug for Valentine's day!

Ok, so most of you know my kid takes Tae Kwon Do classes but for those who don't know- he is really into all kinds of martial arts. He earned his 3rd belt for the past 2 months yesterday and I am so proud of him that I had to make him a Valentine's day card with a black belt! If you are a parent, you'll know just why I HAD to! :-)

His name is Kalin, but we call him Kalin-Ka which  means ladybug in Bulgarian. So, the picture definitely had to be a ladybug with a black belt, but where to get it from?! After I spend 30 min browsing through the web to find a nice image...I gave up and i decided to come up with one on my own.
So far so good, but I didn't had the time to use watercolor ( all this happens 30 min before he gets back from school so I had to hurry) and the only thing I had in hand were a STAMP markers! Can you believe it?! Seriously, if anyone wants to make me a Copic markers present, please go ahead and do it !LoL

Anyway, this is what I came up with-

A black belt LoveBug0005
And this is how this card was born:

1. The drawing ( first pencil, then black pen)
A black belt LoveBug0001

2. The colored drawing( as I mentioned, stamp markers are not the best thing to use for coloring, I just didn't have anything else at hand)
A black belt LoveBug0003

3. Bling-bling
A black belt LoveBug0008

4. The quote ( again, my idea!)
A black belt LoveBug0007

Not bad for a card made in 20 min, the drawing included, eh? ;-)

* If you like the image and you want to use it, go ahead, but please, have the courtesy to link back to my blog. Thank you!


  1. Ех че весело, много оригинално!!!
    Ани, чудна е - браво !!! Нослето е уникално ;)

  2. Благодаря момичета! :-) Калин направо беше във възторг днеска като му я подарих! Ние решихме днес да си подарим подаръците, че за утре имаме други планове ;-)


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