Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's day cards for school!

I have mentioned in my previous post about the Valentine's Day cards that my son and I are making cards for the whole  class + his friends ( all in all 40+ cards) and it started as a good idea, but that many cards are not easy to make when you have only couple of days. So, we stuck with project but we decided to emphasize on the quantity, rather than the quality, but still, for 1st graders I think they'll like them!

My son gave me ideas, he wasn't able to actually help me with this project, because poor kid had to write the cards and this took a LONG time!
So, you can see all of the cards here:

And here are some that we did yesterday!
Val.Day-II20100013 kids cards 3

Val.Day-II20100002 kids cards 8

I am waiting impatiently for my son to come back from school and tell me if they liked them! 
Have your fingers crossed! :-)


  1. Ани, картичките са повече от прекрасни! Толкова ефирни и нежни! Истинска прелест!
    Сигурна съм, че Калин ще обере овациите не само на съученичетата си, ами и на техните родители! :)

  2. Наистина са прелестни.

  3. Благодаря ви! И аз нямам търпение да видя реакциите в петък :-)

  4. Ани, картичките са много красиви ,нежни и елегантни. И то не само за първокласници. Сътворили сте валентински чудеса :)

    П.П. Аз съм Карилуис, но от профила на сина ми :)

  5. Благодаря ти, Кари! :-)


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