Monday, March 1, 2010

Video Tutorial how to make tabletop Martenici

As I promised, here is the video that I made on how to make the tabletop Martenici I showed to you yesterday!

I apologize for the video not having sound, but with 2 small kids running around I doubt you would have been able to do hear anything if I did record a sound. :-)
Anyway, I'm working on finding a good video editing program, so soon I'll have more of these videos with better quality, sound and subtitles, so both my English speaking and Bulgarian speaking audience can enjoy them!

For the Tabletop Martenici you will need:

2 small Styrofoam cones
2 small Styrofoam balls
2 toothpicks
a glue gun
regular liquid glue ( any kind you have in hand)
a brush for the glue
red and white yarn
4 beads
a wet cloth to wipe if something spills 

1. First you need to attach the "head" of the Martenici using the toothpick and the glue gun. After you do that, spread the liquid glue over the cone with a brush and start wrapping around the yarn. 

2. Once you finish wrapping the base with the yarn, continue over the "neck" and the base of the head of the martenici. 

3. Here is how you continue with the base of the head. For the lower part of the head you can use the regular liquid glue.

4. Once you get to the middle of the head it would be difficult to use the liquid glue and you'll need the help of the glue gun. 

5. And here is how you finish the "head" on top. 

6. Once you are finished with both martenici, you can add all kinds of decoration you want. Here is what I did. 

I hope I have helped you out with and idea! Let me know if you try it!



  1. Ани, честита баба Марта :).
    Чудесен урок си подготвила. Много си сръчна и павиш нещата да изглеждат толкова лесни, че му се иска на човек веднага да запретне ръкави :).
    Прекрасна мартеница, много ми хареса.

  2. Chiges, благодаря ти за милите думи! Това ми е за втори път снимане на видео, преди снимах едини уроци за Роял айсинг, но някакси беше по-лесно като бях права и се движех напред назад :-) Тук само ръцете ми се виждат, доста се затрудних да следя какво става на екрана. :-)
    Пробвай, наистина много лесно се правят!!!


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