Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where geometry meets art- white on black mandala

Although I don't use a ruler and such, I like geometric shapes. I think geometry is half of the story behind these drawings white on black. I just love it how I see that my straight lines are getting better! Practice makes perfect, people say and I completely agree! You can notice the difference between the first ones and these very well. I used to draw like this very long time ago, I am glad I still have it in me! :-)
I hope you like these as well!

1. A flower like one with a LOT of leaves. :-)
WB Mandalas 20090007

2. "Celtic heart", why I called it that...I am not completely sure. I just felt like it. I know there is an album

3. This one is very different, I felt it even when I made it. It kind of "reveals" itself..you can't "see" it at first sight.

4. I was so sick when I made this one! I think that whenever I am not feeling better, or I am upset, frustrated, angry..the pictures become more"captivating" to the eye. My mom says it reminds her of a chakra drawing. I haven't seen one and I don't want to look into it, because I don't want to influence my drawing, so I am not sure if she is right.

5. Have you seen the " Hogfather"? I was watching it while making this drawing...very powerful shapes when you see them in real life! You just can't look away!

I have said it before, but let me say it again- if you look at the small size of the pictures, you miss a lot of details, because it is white on black and "leads" the eye. I would have posted larger sizes than this, but unfortunately this is the largest size I can fit here. If you can, click on the pictures and take a look at the bigger size, it is a totally different experience.

Now wish me luck, because tonight I am giving a speech! I'll let you know what is it about in one of the next postings!



  1. Ани, отново неописуеми!
    И предната серия също! (видях, че не съм писала там).
    Какво невероятно неизчерпаемо вдъхновение!
    Страшно красиви и завладяващи мандали! Отново!

  2. Nomer 4 e kato dantelite na baba!?!?! :O Izyashtestvo!

  3. Annie...[ these pictures are.... I don't know, WOW! is, what came into my mind immeditely. Can I ask you what kind of pen you are using? I like to "doodle around" (it's nothing at all compared to your pictures), but I always draw black on white - just because I heve never a found a white pen that is not "blobbing" or refusing giving ink at the same speed and in the same amount. So it would never be "tidy", if you know what I mean....

  4. Nessie, thank you for the kind words! I just started drawing white on black myself and every day I discover new things that I can do with it. :-)As for a recommendation about a white pen- I have to thank Stephanie ( http://www.biffybeans.com/) who recommended this website, with white pen reviews:
    A very nice article! I myself have Uni-Ball Signo, which she specifically recommended and Gelly Roll Sakura ( medium).
    I tried other ones too, but these are the ones I liked the best. Uni-Ball is more "liquid" and tends to dry longer, the Gelly Roll is fine drying wise, but sometimes it "skips" when I'm drawing. By the way I ordered the Uni-Ball from the same site and I received it the next day! Very fast shipping and I am satisfied with the price too! Let me know if you need the link to it and when you draw some pictures so I can take a look! ;-)


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