Saturday, March 27, 2010

2nd day at the art show!

I might be busy, but you know that whenever I can find a minute, I'm here and write for you to enjoy!
I hope my previous post on the first 2 days of the art show were interesting for you, here is the second part:

 When I went home after the first day at the show, I felt so tired! So, I decided to enjoy the dinner my wonderful  husband had prepared for us and go straight to bed, so I can rest well, before the next day.
I woke up in the morning, dressed up, my guys dropped me off at City Hall and then I went to take some pictures of the art I've missed the previous day. Here are some of the things I liked:

- I have always liked woodcarving and having this wonderful work right next to me was a real pleasure!

ArtShow2nd day0001

- I didn't manage to see these wooden wings operating but they sure looked interesting!
ArtShow2nd day0006

- My friend Julie Branch's work, inspirational as always ( you can click on the pictures to see more)
ArtShow2nd day0009

Me and Julie, happy as clams :-)
ArtShow2nd day0038

Here is a watercolor with one of my favorite flowers:
ArtShow2nd day0012

Ikebana was part of the exhibit too:
ArtShow2nd day0017

I absolutely loved this guy's work, unfortunately I didn't manage to talk to him, just to know his name.
ArtShow2nd day0018

ArtShow2nd day0019

ArtShow2nd day0020

- These were panels with advertisements from long ago, about finding slaves that ran away, selling slaves...just devastating read! I spent half an hour reading them, wondering what became of these people, how many survived, how many dies...Heartbreaking!
ArtShow2nd day0023

- There is nothing I've ever seen even close to this guys art! This is an evening necklace: ArtShow2nd day0024

These, believe it or not are paintings:
ArtShow2nd day0042

-The last day I even brought my folder with white on black, people really liked the idea to browse through them while they are still without frames:
ArtShow2nd day0040

- And here is the person responsible for this huge, absolutely unique kind of art show ( 1000 artists in more than 12 venues ), who didn't sit down the whole 2 days, making sure everyone was having a great time and everything runs smoothly! I cannot but say THANK YOU, Don for your idea, your enthusiasm and the strength and perseverance to overcome small and big obstacles on the way to greatness! :-) 

ArtShow2nd day0022
I hope I can show you very soon my Metropolitan Museum pictures from my first visit there last Friday!



  1. много се радвам,когато има публикация в блога ти-така добре пишеш и ми е много интересно винаги

  2. Прекрасни неща ни показа до тук, жалко че не можем да ги видим на живо :)

  3. Благодаря ти, Ади! Радвам се, че намираш публикаците ми за интересни! Скоро ще публикувам снимки и впечатления от посещението ми в музея Метрополитън за пръв път, мисля, че и това може също да ти е интересно!

    Ирена, жалко наистина, защото нещата на живо наистина изглеждаха много по-добре! Досега не бях си давала сметка колко много ограбва снимката! Но все пак репортаж на събитието е по-добре от нищо! :-)

  4. Thank you for photographing and complementing my work.
    Yes it is unfortunate that we did not have the pleasure of meeting.

  5. Hi, are you the artist who made the horses? If yes, do you have a website I can take a look at? I would love to see more of your work!!! Great job!

  6. Annie-
    Great photos and we sure do look happy as clams!


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