Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A house for hermit crab

You probably have read this awesome story " A house for hermit crab" and if you are like me, you probably liked the little guy looking for a home.

I have seen real hermit crabs last summer when we were in Boston, and i wen took a picture of a curious little one:

Amazing creatures! I am not a crab person in general ( they remind me of spiders) but there is something about these that makes me like them. I cannot explain it, it's like my dislike of insects but my love for the woolley bear caterpillar. :-)

So, I was scribbling yesterday on piece of paper, with no general purpose and I suddenly realized how much my drawing reminds me of a hermit crab!

Hermit crab

Don't you think?

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  1. Знаеш ли, Ани, в първия момент преди да се зачета - помислих, че целенасочено си нарисувала стилизираната къщичка на рачето.. :) А тя каква била работата...

    Много ми харесва! На фона на тази красота мандалите са някак по-пищни, но на мен сякаш къщичката повече ми допада! :)


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