Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food for the soul or food for the mouth?

- "Food in the Art and Craft section?! She must be going mad!"

No, my dears, I simply had a dilemma what to post first, because I have tons of pictures and stuff that needs to be uploaded and I ....well I don't have the time to do it, honestly. Sometimes I dream of an assistant who can help me out in moments like this, because on top of everything else, it is a bit too much.

Food for the soul beats food for the mouth any day, so here it is, my latest creation!
You all know how much I love a brown paper bag! I am totally nuts about them! This was a gift bag for a very sweet little girl and I hope she liked it! :-)
Flower bag0002

Flower bag0001

I enjoyed so much making this bag that I had to make couple more! Unfortunately i don't have pictures, but one of them had orange buttons, the other one green butterflies.
Flower bag0004

The flowers were real fun to make! Tissue paper is one of my favorite materials to make flowers and these came out great!
They are really easy to make of course, just cut different sizes circles from tissue paper, then use something to secure them in the middle, would it be an eyelet or a button or a pin, it would look great!


  1. Ани, прекрасна е идеята! Поздравления, справила си се перфектно!

  2. Много ми харесва как си разкрасила обикновената хартиена чантичка с тези прекрасни цветенца.
    Определено ще бъде харесана от получателката й :)

  3. Много весели цветенца. :) И да се отбиеш още веднъж в блога ми, за поредната наградка :))

  4. Даниела, благодаря ти!

    Ирена, аз обожавам такива торбички! Имам най-различни в къщи и много обичам да опаковам всякакви неща в тях! ;-)

    Creative, ей сега идвам! :-)

  5. Ани, чудесна идея! А цветята са направо прелестни!

  6. страхотна си:)заповядай в блога ми за наградка:)

  7. Ани , заповядай за поредната наградка !


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