Friday, June 25, 2010

It's a wonderful ( crazy) world!

My son woke me up today with : 
"Mom, I want a blog!"

Good, you say...but how do you react when this is coming out of the mouth of a 7 year old?

Basically he wants to present his art, to make polymer clay figures and to show the crafts that he is working on.
I did oblige him, I see it is important to him and he did most everything ( incl. taking the pictures!) himself, to show me he is serious.
I think it has a lot of benefits, especially for a summer "job":
- writing practice
- typing practice
- following through with commitment
- working on a lot of art projects
- getting experience with taking pictures, editing, uploading

Of course I'll supervise the project, which means more work ( and commitment) for me too ( yay!).
I admit though, his idea caught me of guard.

So, here is the big question:
What do you think you would do if your child asks you the same?

So...a little bit more competition out there, for us bloggers, heh?
Check it out, you might like it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to take pictures of artwork?- I need advice!

And this is the question!
My portfolio website is on it's way to be finished and I am seriously starting to worry that I am not prepared with the quality pictures I want.
I am starting to research the issue and I would greatly appreciate your input!

I remember when I went to see the Met and what a huge difference there was between the paintings I've "seen" on pictures and in reality! I know it is almost impossible to show them the exactly as they look like on picture, but still, there must be something I can do to make it better!  Just a quick comparison with a watercolor of mine, which was first photographed.....


And then scanned....

Winter forest- scan

What can I say...huge difference! Although the second one is not exactly as the original it's pretty close!

But...the issue with scanning is first- I'm not very experienced with it and second, there is a limit to the size I can scan.

I would deeply appreciate your thoughts on the matter!

In Bulgarian/ На български

Как да снимаме картини?
Сайтът с портфолиото ми е почти завършен и аз сериозно започвам да се притеснявам, че не съм подготвена с качествени изображения, за да ги сложа там. Затова започнах да чета по този въпрос и би ми било много интересно да споделите вашите мисли и опит!

Спомням си когато ходих до музея Метрополитън и каква поразителна разлика имаше между картините, които бях "виждала" на снимка и оригиналите! Знам, че е почти невъзможно снимката да е едно към едно с оригинала, но все трябва да има нещо, което да се направи, за да може изображенията да се доближават до реалността!

Може да видите сравнението горе м/у снимано и сканирано изображение на един и същи акварел, които правих. Има коренна разлика! Второто изображение ( сканираното) макар, че не е точно като оригинала е доста по-близо като качество. 
Но проблемът със сканирането е, че аз нямам опит, а не е толкова просто като сканирането на обикновен документ и второ, има лимит в размера на това, което може да се сканира.

Много ще се радвам да споделите мисли по въпроса как се справяте вие с този проблем!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These 2 drawings I made early morning, after underwater dream.
I love drawing things inspired by dreams, but I rarely remember them, that's why I hold these very precious to my heart.

White on black 061620100004

And here is the second one:
White on black 061620100003

Now that my mom is coming I'll have more time for working on art projects, I can't wait! :-))) Just a couple more days! :-)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

My inspiration during the Fater's day weekend in white on black

Here is what I made during the weekend while getting ready for my mom's visit!

White on black 061620100001

White on black 061620100002

I am not sure you'll see white on black from me soon, because I just found out I ran out or white ink pens! Remember I talked about the Uni-Ball SIGNO pens I use? I love them! I absolutely think they are the best white ink pens ever!
So, I'm off to order myself some, let's hope I'll get them before the inspiration hits! ;-)

Happy Father's day all!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In a mood

Very slow day yesterday....only 2 drawings and both of them look more "relaxing" than the ones that came after that. You'll see the other ones tomorrow, but here is the what I have for you today:

White on black June 140001

White on black June 140002

Tell me what you think? I am still thinking about which one of all the drawings I showed I should make in oil of watercolor...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Teacher appreciation or Appreciating teachers

Now, let me make something clear first- I don't like the concept of teacher appreciation day/week!
Because it has certain non-pleasant ring for me, like it's more of an obligation than a real appreciation. That's why whenever I can, I avoid it and I give my appreciation gifts at other times. Like now for example.

So, this year I thought of an interesting present for the end of the year for  my son's teachers. 

I asked him to draw pictures for his teachers with watercolor pencils, then I helped him to glue them to the cards.

Teacher appreciation 20100004  Teacher appreciation 20100003 

Then he brushed them here and there with water and you can see the results. 

Teacher appreciation 20100002  Teacher appreciation 20100001

We recently replanted our garden and I have a lot of beautiful and fragrant hyacinths and I thought, what a nice present they'll make, especially since they are from our own garden!  My son helped me out and we put the bulbs in a nice box with explanation what they are and how to take care of them:
Teacher appreciation 20100007

We had 2 bag designs :

Teacher appreciation 20100009 Teacher appreciation 20100006
And here is the whole thing:- bag, card and a gift card inside, envelope, butterfly, a scented candle and a notebook.

Teacher appreciation 20100008

I hope they like them!! :-)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Birds, music and African women

Not much of a title today, but it is what it is, I hope you like them!

White on black June720100001

White on black June720100002 

 White on black June720100003

 White on black June720100004

I have been thinking recently...I would love to see some of these on fabric! I've never done "drawing" on fabric, so I'll probably have to see how it's done, but some of the drawings I make are just asking for it!
Don't you think?

My personal favorite from these is the bird! And no, she is not on a branch or tree! :-)  There is a story behind all of these, but I kind of feel awkward to share it. Maybe another time!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Music inspired

Recently when I start working I like to put on some music.
It is very interesting, how I don't know what music I want when I start....but I know which one I don't want.

If I can't find the right one right away, I can't start working. And I have never been like that! This started maybe couple of months ago. Before that I preferred to watch movies ( on the background) while working.
I think the music is influencing the end result, because now that I am looking at the drawings and I think about the music, it all comes back to me.

Do you use anything as a background when working?

Here are some of the newest white on black drawings that I made:

 " The palm reader" 1
White on black June 201010001

"The Palm reader" 2 

I think there will be more of these soon!

" Scorpion"
White on black June 201010003

" Untitled"
White on black June 201010004

Friday, June 4, 2010

Graduation gift for the best nurse ever!

This was a gift for our friend and also babysitter who graduated nursing school last month!

JustineGraduation box0001

I made it in a hurry, but I think it came out pretty well.


P.S: Sorry I can't post more this week, I am having Internet connection issues and Verizon is not in a hurry to fix them. :-(

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