Friday, June 25, 2010

It's a wonderful ( crazy) world!

My son woke me up today with : 
"Mom, I want a blog!"

Good, you say...but how do you react when this is coming out of the mouth of a 7 year old?

Basically he wants to present his art, to make polymer clay figures and to show the crafts that he is working on.
I did oblige him, I see it is important to him and he did most everything ( incl. taking the pictures!) himself, to show me he is serious.
I think it has a lot of benefits, especially for a summer "job":
- writing practice
- typing practice
- following through with commitment
- working on a lot of art projects
- getting experience with taking pictures, editing, uploading

Of course I'll supervise the project, which means more work ( and commitment) for me too ( yay!).
I admit though, his idea caught me of guard.

So, here is the big question:
What do you think you would do if your child asks you the same?

So...a little bit more competition out there, for us bloggers, heh?
Check it out, you might like it!


  1. My child doesn't have a clue what a blog is and I'll keep it this way for awhile. She has notebooks and diaries to write in. I am not that concervative but I try to keep her away from the computer as much as I can. All children are different so it may work out for you.

  2. While I agree with you, that staying on the computer is not beneficial, I do not draw an equal sign between blog and diary. I am aware though that most people " are against blogs" in general because they equate the two, but that is not the purpose of his blog- it's about showing art, which I find quite different.
    And I certainly pefer him staying on the computer for this, than playing game on it.
    Time will show if I am right or not :-)

  3. Ани, и моята дъщеря се запали покрай мен и си направи блог :) Не виждам нищо лошо засега.
    Поздрави и успех :-)

  4. I would ask him.her to compile materials/pics/texts ect for a month or so and then revisit the blog idea. MY kids can haradly follow up with dinner,let alone such a time and energy consuming idea as a blog that will require a lot of my time. For now I prefer to spend it with them not infront of a pc + there are other ways for a child to show off their stuff,incl using the inet for grandparent's sake in our case...

  5. Anna, most adults don't have an idea what they are going to post in a month, let alone a 7 year old :-) I think this is too much...
    I mean, if he doesn't like it, that's fine with me, he'll still have the experience of trying it and seeing what's it like. :-)

  6. In my mind you create a blog bc u have smth to share with the world,not just for the idea of having a blog..this is why I would handle it the way i described if i have to-make them collect the ideas/materilas they want to share with a big audience for some time to look it over and to really think if it is worth putting out there..those are the thoughts of a person who does not have a blog of course so pls feel free to totally ignore me:)

  7. :) haha i need more space. When Ian gets his house (hopefully soon!) i'm totally going to (by accident) take over one of the rooms. :) The Craft Room it'll be haha. maybe i'll share!


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