Tuesday, June 22, 2010


These 2 drawings I made early morning, after underwater dream.
I love drawing things inspired by dreams, but I rarely remember them, that's why I hold these very precious to my heart.

White on black 061620100004

And here is the second one:
White on black 061620100003

Now that my mom is coming I'll have more time for working on art projects, I can't wait! :-))) Just a couple more days! :-)



  1. Hi annie! I'm Dara, Ian's gf. I love your second drawing alot. :)

  2. Hey Dara, thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!
    BTW, do you know Ian? You look so much like a friend's girlfriend, sorry for asking, I just couldn't help it! LoL :-)

  3. Чудесни са, много са красиви.


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