Monday, July 26, 2010

Hats Off, Saratoga!

Maybe some of you remember that one of my first postings ever was about hats!

I love hats! Unfortunately, I rarely have an occasion to wear one, which is a shame of course, because I love not only wearing them, but making them too! For one reason or the other, I have pictures only of the last three hats I made, but I made them with so much love that I think it compensates the lack of other examples of my hat passion.

One other thing that these hats were meant for was the Sartoga Springs hat competition. Each year you can enjoy the beginning of racing season in Saratoga with the "Hats off, Saratoga" hat competition in three categories:
- " Kretive Kids" ( it's spelled that way, no mistake), a category where kids are showing their fashionable, funny and interesting ideas for hats.
- "Fashionably Saratoga", where all hat lovers and hat makers can brag with their new hats.
- "Uniquely Saratoga", where every crazy idea you have about representing Saratoga spirit counts!

We've been meaning to go there for the past 6 years...and somehow something always happens!
Not this year! I said- rain or shine, we are going to be there!

I've been planing this for a week and I think for the time frame we did great! This is the hat I for myself:

Derby hats 20100035

Black and white roses, some black ribbon and tulle as well. It's the perfect combination for me. I absolutely love how it turned out! I wish I've found out black gloves for myself  as well, but what can you do.

hat3   hat1

Of course I had the matching dress, shoes and bag as well  and ( believe it or not) matching nail art- black roses on a white background. I don't think I've posted anything about it, but since I got some Sally Hansen  nail art pens, I've been working on everybody's nails.

Nail art July 20100002

I'm making a mental note to show you some of my things. Should I even mention that it's very difficult to draw with the left hand? Well, these are made exactly like that!

Nail art July 20100010

My mom is visiting from Bulgaria and this was a huge opportunity to create some memories for her too, so I tried to convince her to to wear the hat I made especially for her and her dress.

Peacock hat0001

Derby hats 20100005

The matching peacock nail art too, of course was my doing:

Nail art July 20100011

My daughter and the hat I made for her:

Girl hat0004

She was adamant on the colors, she even wanted a bird on it, but that in my opinion would have been too much. LoL :-)

Derby hats 20100020

My daughter's nails were with white daisies, but sadly I don't have a picture of that.

Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of my son's hat too! He doesn't like me taking pictures of him, so it's always a fight to catch him at a good moment.  Maybe I can convince him to try it on again! :-)
It was a really nice wizard hat with moon and stars and some bling of course!
 Derby hats 20100029

Here we are, the three of us getting ready to go to the race!
Derby hats 20100040

It was a great fun and I'm thinking I should make more hats soon! Any volunteers to wear them? :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

More sketches from the black book

A very busy weekend is coming up, but before I leave tonight I wanted to show you what I've been working on the past couple of weeks in my black sketchbook:

Sketches July2010-150008

Sketches July2010-150009

Sketches July2010-150010

Sketches July2010-150011

Sketches July2010-150012

Sketches July2010-150013

Sketches July2010-150014

Sketches July2010-150015

Sketches July2010-150016

Sketches July2010-150017

I really want to sit down and write some more, but my mom's visit and all the stuff that I am working on right now are keeping me insanely busy, please forgive me and enjoy my art with the short notes I'm writing!
Soon I'll more time I think! :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sketches under the covers

Who says you can't work when you are sick? 
My nose might be runny but I'm never running out of ideas to put on paper! :-)
Here's what I've been working on the past couple of days: 
Sketches July2010-150006



Sketches July2010-150001


Sketches July2010-150002


Sketches July2010-20033

Sketches July2010-20034


Sketches July2010-20032

Sketches July2010-150003


Sketches July2010-150004

Sketches July2010-150005

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black and White magic

It's been a while since I posted some of my white on black drawings, so I thought it's a good idea to give you the opportunity to take a glimpse in my black drawing book again and see what I've been working on!

Sketches July2010-20009

Sketches July2010-20001

 Sketches July2010-20002

Sketches July2010-20003

Sketches July2010-20004

Sketches July2010-20005

Sketches July2010-20006

Sketches July2010-20007

Sketches July2010-20008 

I hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I did making them!
Is it just me or my drawings are changing somehow?  I can't quite put my finger on it...but they look ( and feel) different to me than the previous ones. What do you think?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Can you baptize and angel?

It turns out you can!You all know the horror stories of how kids scream their lungs out when baptized, right?

Not my kid! She was totally content, very happy, smiling all the time and she wanted to swim in the water. LoL I guess being in the spotlight is her thing, hey maybe a future career there ;-).

We have a very nice ceremony in the first Orthodox monastery in the US, so we had to travel to get there ( that wasn't fun) but once we arrived everything fell into place.

Before the ceremony I  made her a special hair wreath:
Elena's Baptism0006

Elena's Baptism0005

I also made the candle decorations to match the wreath and dress:

Elena's Baptism0008

Elena's Baptism0009       Elena's Baptism0011

The dress is from the store and it's not even a baptismal dress, but I think I matched all three perfectly. Everything was made with a lot of love so I don't think it could have been more perfect!  I thought very hard what to give as a gift to her godparents and here is what I made for them ( the actual plate plus the box decoration):

Godmother and Godfather present0001

Godmother and Godfather present0005      Godmother and Godfather present0004

I combined it with this card:

Godmother and Godfather present0006
It was a wonderful ceremony and I am very happy we did it the way we did! She was simply amazing and everyone at the church couldn't believe how well she took the whole thing, especially since it was unbelievably hot and the sermon was VERY long. 

I have a lot of goodness to share in the next couple of days, cross your fingers I can find the time to post it :-)))

Seriously, if somebody wants to be my assistant, please send your resumes ASAP! :-)

See you tomorrow,

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