Monday, July 19, 2010

Can you baptize and angel?

It turns out you can!You all know the horror stories of how kids scream their lungs out when baptized, right?

Not my kid! She was totally content, very happy, smiling all the time and she wanted to swim in the water. LoL I guess being in the spotlight is her thing, hey maybe a future career there ;-).

We have a very nice ceremony in the first Orthodox monastery in the US, so we had to travel to get there ( that wasn't fun) but once we arrived everything fell into place.

Before the ceremony I  made her a special hair wreath:
Elena's Baptism0006

Elena's Baptism0005

I also made the candle decorations to match the wreath and dress:

Elena's Baptism0008

Elena's Baptism0009       Elena's Baptism0011

The dress is from the store and it's not even a baptismal dress, but I think I matched all three perfectly. Everything was made with a lot of love so I don't think it could have been more perfect!  I thought very hard what to give as a gift to her godparents and here is what I made for them ( the actual plate plus the box decoration):

Godmother and Godfather present0001

Godmother and Godfather present0005      Godmother and Godfather present0004

I combined it with this card:

Godmother and Godfather present0006
It was a wonderful ceremony and I am very happy we did it the way we did! She was simply amazing and everyone at the church couldn't believe how well she took the whole thing, especially since it was unbelievably hot and the sermon was VERY long. 

I have a lot of goodness to share in the next couple of days, cross your fingers I can find the time to post it :-)))

Seriously, if somebody wants to be my assistant, please send your resumes ASAP! :-)

See you tomorrow,


  1. Ани, Ани,
    честито кръщене на малката. Желая й много здраве и много, много любов в сърцето и да бъде благословена.
    Подаръците за кръстниците е перфектен, а декорацията ти е върха. Личи си, че си работила с много любов и ентусиазъм.
    Поздрави и прегръдки :)

  2. Благодаря ти, Дани! :-)

  3. И от мен честито кръщене!
    Желая здраве и всичко най-добро на теб и твоите близки!
    Страхотни подаръци, всичко направено от теб е много красиво и със вкус.


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