Saturday, April 2, 2011

Even I want " Marianne"!

Did you ever feel you would love it if someone gives you a gift that you created? This is what happened to me when I was creating this gift set. I totally would have loved to receive this one, no doubt about it.
I love this kind of  "rustic/nature friendly" look with all the warm colors. 
So if any of you ever wonder what I would like, take a look at this:

Gift set "Marianne" 
"Marianne" gift set

- a bookmark
"Marianne" bookmark detail 

- a notebook

"Marianne" notebook

So, have you ever given gifts that it was hard to part with? 


  1. Поредното бижу, Ани!

  2. Още един нежен комплект, Ани.
    И на мен ми се е случвало да подаря подарък, с който ми е било трудно да се разделя. Но пък при теб хубавото е, че си го правила ти и можеш да си направиш същия. :)

  3. Да, наистина бижу, и си използвала всичко, което обожавам-канап, мрежа, дървени маниста-няма как да не се влюби човек

  4. Радвам се, че ти харесва, Creative! :-)

    Маги, така е ама да ти кажа май никога не стигам до там да направя нещо за себе си. :-) Все има нещо по-важно, което трабва да се направи.

  5. Поредния неверотен комплект с толкова топли цветове и наистина земен! С такъв комплект и аз трудно бих се разделила!

  6. Благодаря за коментара, Miss Emerald! Радвам се, че ти харесва. Аз отдавна се канех да направя нещо подобно и се радвам, че имах тази възможност. :-)

  7. what kind of glues do you use to get the twine to stay put? i love the touch of the woven burlap fabric. :)

    also, thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm practicing as much as possible, trying to improve! Email any time, id love to hear your idea.

    ALSO, i have not forgotten about Kalin's drawing, please don't think that i have. Work has picked up a lot since i first started working on portraits.. so don't worry, i didnt forget!

  8. Dara, I use hot glue gun for the twine, you have to work quickly and it's very delicate work, because if you mess it up, you can't fix it, but I find it to be reliable enough to endure heavy use.

    I just need to see what's going to happen in the next month and I'll let you know about my idea. ;-)

    Please, no worried about the drawing! I know how it is when work gets crazy!


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