Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm feeling blue...

No, I'm not sad nor depressed, relax! :-) I'm talking about feeling blue as a color, with every fiber of your body. I have never liked blue before, as a matter of fact I have been avoiding working with it. Recently I can't help but notice that my work is gravitating towards this color. 

Art March 201111

I like how it makes me feel. I guess I miss the sea and it reminds me of it. I haven't been walking on my hometown's beach almost 7 years now. The past couple of months I have been dreaming a lot about the Black sea, touching the water, looking at the horizon. The rocks, the smell of seaweed, the crunch of the sand between your toes...I miss it. 
The awful never-ending winter here doesn't help too. Maybe that's what's making me "feel the blue" and wanting to work with it. I seriously need some Spring in my life.

Do you have a particular color you like to work with now? I would love to hear your "color inspired" stories! 


  1. i really like all your blue tones in that piece! really cool

  2. Besides the great deal of talent you have I feel like you have no limits when it comes to imagination! Nice job!
    P.S. Oh and thumbs up for starting to watermark your art:) I have to admit it makes me sad how many people steal images from the web and even try to profit from them :(

  3. Thank you, Clamzee, you really made me smile today! About the watermarking, I had it in mind for the longest time, but it is so time I need 2 assistants, not one. LoL :-)))


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