Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sneak peak

I am so excited ! I have been asked to prepare a cake and a paper gift set for a very special girl and I have been working on that for the past week and I wanted to share what we are going to surprise the little girl with. Her mom really liked the Pottery Barn elephant that I drew and decided to have that as a theme and butterflies. Oh, and the girl's favorite color is lime green, so the photo album was my idea.

The whole gift set
Caroline gift set01

A gift box for the little cross her mom got her
Caroline gift set03

A gift bag to carry all the things
Caroline gift set04

A photo album that has little butterflies, buttons and trees
Caroline gift set05

A little sketchpad/journal with craft paper and stamped golden butterflies on each page.
Caroline gift set07

A little correction- we added the name of the girl to the notebook as well, so here it is:
Caroline notebook01
Soon I'll show you pictures of the cake as well!



  1. Прекрасни неща,толкова свежи и радващи очите!

  2. Ани,прекрасни са!!!!!Отново....

  3. Ах, това сладко слонче! Отново много стилен и прекрасен комплект!

  4. I LOVE this one. :) love the elephant and the tiny hearts paper. super cute. did you use ink around the edges for the distressed look? i like that!

  5. Ади и Голди, благодаря ви за коментарите!

  6. Tweed Fox ( Dara ;-), yes I did use gold ink ( it doesn't show on the pictures though) and it came kind of cute. I also stamped small butterflies in the right upper corner of each page. The pages are recycled craft paper, I LOVE these!
    Later yesterday I added the name of the girl too, but I haven't posted the picture yet.

  7. Ани, разкошен коплект!!!Това слонче ми стана много любимо покрай твоите майсторийки , а пеперудката е много сладка.

  8. Маги, радвам се, че ти харесва! Аз много се изненадах честно казано, като каза майката на момиченцето, че иска това слонче, понеже то реално беше от бебешката завивка, обаче тя толкова много го хареса, че и го направих както го искаше. ;-) Понеже момиченцето е голям фен на пеперудите решихме вместо пиле да сложим пеперудка.

  9. So beautiful and VERY special!! She will absolutely LOVE it!

  10. Thank you for your kinds words, Milena!


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