Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Forgotten " Kiara"

After spending an amazing Saturday at the SCBWI conference in Fishkill, I realized that I didn't post anything last week. I thought I did, but I guess having a girl with 105 F fever didn't help my memory either. So, before I forget again, here is the last of the gift sets that I started posting in April. Although I did forget about this set, it's one of my favorite, I hope you enjoy it too!
"Kiara" gift set

The gift set consists of a jewelry box and a greeting card. 
"Kiara" necklace gift box

"Kiara" card
Soon all of these would be available in the store I am planing to open. 

Ta-ta for now,

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  1. Hi annie! i love the colors. :) really nice. :)

    also as an answer to your question (i sent you a text, but i'm not sure it went through) i can certainly do eReader cases! let me know and i'll set up an etsy listing for you :)


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