Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update on Niskayuna Art out! WOW!

WOW is really all I can say! I had no idea that our work would be judged so that was a  big surprise, but actually winning 2nd place was even bigger surprise for me! It was really my first time participating in an event like that and getting the 2nd place prize under these circumstances it's pretty good in my book! :-)

Niskayuna Art Out 201125

Niskayuna Train Station Art Out 2011

I had absolutely no idea what I'm signing for but I thought that whatever it is, if there is ART and it's OUT( side) it would be fun.
Of course I was right! :-)
I don't remember painting/drawing/woodburning for 2 straight days ever! The only down side was that I actually had to work both days, not like I planned but I managed somehow to survive ( talk about being tired today! Ha!) I met wonderful people aaaaand maybe have some interesting ( ;-) hint, hint) news in the making, will update you when I know more!

Here is everything I managed to make for the 15 hours I spent working on Friday and Saturday:

1. White ink on black background- " Conversation"
Conversation 201102

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