Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fabric roses

Ok, so I started a Pinterest account  and at first it was fun, to pin things, here...and there. Then I looked around what other people are pinning, then I looked around what other people's friends are pinning...and I realized that I shouldn't allowed to get close to Pinterest. Ever.
I could spend a whole day looking at things on Pinterest, people! That's not funny, especially since I not only look but I actually want to MAKE things...that's when it gets serious. I mean, I learned how to make fried chicken ( all right, the scientific way of achieving a perfect chicken crust and golden crunchy color, AND have the chicken actually cooked inside!), make fabric roses and organize my lingerie drawer with a utensils holder in 15 minutes! That's how addictions start!

Headbands May 20123

Headbands May 20125

So, I couldn't resist...and I made 2 headbands with the fabric roses I was practicing on and although I gave both to my daughter ( of course), I am ashamed to admit I "borrowed" one to wear at my son's B-day party( you can probably guess which one).
The birthday party- I did not forget, I will cover it in the next post, stay tuned!



Monday, May 7, 2012

Chess birthday invitations

Great! ( was my first reaction)
Heck, where are we going to get these from?! ( followed a second after)

Seriously, where do my kids come up with these ideas?? Of course, there are NO chess birthday invitations, OR decorations, OR party favors. So, mommy dearest took out her beloved Silhouette machine and in 30 minutes 8 invitations were made, placed and envelopes and mailed.
As they say in a very popular commercial -
Paper, glue and scissors =  $15
Reaction from 9-year-old-to be =  Priceless!

Kalin 9th Birthday invitations1

Kalin 9th Birthday invitations3

Can't wait to make the cake! :-)


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Headbands for the cutest little girl ever

This little munchkin has me wrapped around her finger. Totally.
After I made the blue headband that I wrote about, she was bugging me to make her more. And I did( and I'm going to pretend that I didn't enjoy it :-).

Now she wears them everywhere ( sometimes she wears more than one at a time, but that's another story). I can't be happier, since she rarely lets me do anything with her hair  except cut it, which  is quite often, since she insists on keeping it short, believe it or not. I know, every mom's nightmare, right?

So, I decided to share with you Miss Ellie's headband collection for the summer, which probably will grow in the next months, I'll keep you posted.

1. Pretty in Pink 
Headbands April218

2. Daisy, Daisy
Headbands April217

3. Cupcake Cute
Headbands April214

4. Purplicious
Headbands April213

This headband however is not Ellie's, it's a present for Tosha, just because I love her! :-)
Headbands April212

Ta-ta for now!

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