Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rhapsody in Blue

I am delighted to show you my latest hat design. When the customer approached me earlier we were discussing hats in black, white and teal as a combination. These are the designs I came up with for her:
Dress1-3      Dress1-1

However, upon closer inspection of the pictures, I realized that the color of the dress my customer ordered for her Derby outfit is not black as we initially thought, but dark brown. Alas, my suspicions confirmed once she received the dress, it was indeed dark brown. So, a new design was in order. 

And here is to the real thing:
Annie Presentation (1 of 7)

Annie Presentation (5 of 7)-2

Annie Presentation (3 of 7)-2

I hope she likes wearing it as much as I did making it! :-) I love the combination teal and brown, just one of these things that simply "work" together.

Off to the next project!


Monday, March 4, 2013

Derby Season in the Air

I love Derby season! You know that in the past I wrote about the hat show that I participated in, and I've been making hats on and off, but this hat is special.
I love, love, love the dress that my customer chose! I love the color even more! Imagine my surprise, when I found my favorite flower ( ranunculus) in the same color. I am glad that the customer agreed on the design, because I think the hat plus the dress will be a stunning combination.

So, I began with the design:

And then, the magic happened...
Annie Presentation (6 of 6)
Annie Presentation (5 of 6)
Annie Presentation (3 of 6)

Sometimes, when you work on a project like that, you start with a basic design, but then, you see the materials and you just know there is something you have to add/remove. For example this hat originally was supposed to have netting. However, once the customer and I saw it with the netting, we decided it would look better without it. Then I got the idea for the beige feathers. They were not in the original design, but I think they totally completed the idea. In other words I love that hat. I hope it will arrive safely and the customer would love it at least as much as I do.
Annie Presentation (2 of 6)

Annie Presentation (1 of 6)

I am extremely excited to work on other hat designs at the moment too. In fact, hats have been on my schedule for quite some weeks now. So, if you are thinking of ordering yours at my Etsy Store, you better do it ASAP, because I have a waiting list for the next month and a half.

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