Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mixed Media = great fun!

Ever since I began my artistic journey many years ago, I always, always always wanted to try mixed media. It sounded sooooo cool... so mixed...and  so media. And I like mixing things.
Long story short, I never quite got around to learn how to do it. I had 1-2 not very successful experiments but that was before I learned about the magic of ..lo and behold...Mod Podge! Yep, that's right, this miracle liquid made all my dreams come true.
Ever since I started work I wanted to make a painting for my office and finally this past weekend I did finish the piece.

This is the before ( stage 2 actually), covered in gesso.
Mixed Media 1 (2)

I love all the details that I was able to include, like the fabric flowers, the tiny stones, the net, the wooden squares, the rope...it all just came together.
Mixed Media 1 (4)

And this is the final version, colored with acrylics, some golden spray, some glitter, and then more Mod Podge.

Mixed Media 1 (5)

And a close up:
Mixed Media 1 (9)       Mixed Media 1 (1)
For a first time, I think it came out much better than expected. I am actually looking forward to the next one.

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