Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ellie's gingerbread village project

I don't normally post things that we do with the kids for school, but this is so cool I had to share.
Ellie had a project that I was supposed to help her with ( there was a lot of glue gun use). She came home with a milk carton, painted, cut and divided in two "floors". We were supposed to use cut outs for furniture they had ( they had basic table, couch, bead, dressers etc) and what we did was cut them out, glue them and them color with markers, cover them in felt ( for example the couch, the bed I made for her a comforter out of felt and fabric with glue gun etc).
Ellie and are are absolute suckers for tiny things. When we go to Michaels we can spend hours looking at the Christmas village displays and we never get tired. So, for us it was incredible bonding time, cutting, gluing, coloring...absolutely amazing!
I am so glad she had this project because both of us just had a blast with it! Lately we couldn't do any craft or art projects together and we loved eery minute of it.

Ellie Gingerbread village 

First floor- living room

Ellie Gingerbrad village 

Second floor - bedroom

Ellie Gingerbread village 

Both floors
Ellie Gingerbread village 

So much fun, isn't it?

And that is why I haven't written my Christmas cards yet. I am going to go in the "Christmas shame corner" now.

But it was FUN! :-)

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